Sailboat Garum Oropesa

Trip to Columbretes Islands

Departure Oropesa – 8:00 AM

Arrival Oropesa – 8:00 PM

Journey Duration – 6 hours

8 seats

Food and drinks NOT included

1.5-hour guided tour

2 nights and 1 day aboard the Velero Garum

The Sailboat Garum experience is for 2 days and 1 night, with a total of 8 pax. The company offers a complimentary night on the sailboat before departure.

The boat leaves from the port of Oropesa at 8h, the journey takes approximately 6 hours and docks in Puerto Tofiño, the natural port of l’Illa Grossa (or ‘Isla Grande’).

The sailboat has a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen: Food and drinks are NOT included, but you can cook if you wish as the facility has a kitchen.

The night is spent on board the sailboat in Puerto Tofiño to rest after a day of adventures and fun in the crystal-clear waters of the Columbretes Islands.


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