First of all, we will highlight the fauna of the surface of the Columbretes Islands. There we can find a large number of reptiles such as the commonly called Iberian lizard. We can also find a large number of birds that find in the Columbretes Islands a place to build their nests and feed their young, such as the Eleonora’s falcon, the Audouin’s gull or the Cory’s shearwater, to name a few examples.

As for the fauna that lives underwater in the Mediterranean around the Columbretes Islands, we can find a great number of marine species as they are a refuge where they can shelter from predators and especially to protect themselves from human exploitation. Among these species we can find the Mediterranean Cystoseira, Cystoseira amentácea, Laminaria redriguezi algae and numerous species of corals such as red coral.

If you want to know the different species that live in the Columbretes Islands of Castellón, go to the Blog area and click on the fauna sections.

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